April 10. 2021

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I had the pleasure of going birding this morning with Johann Baetz’s great-grandson, a knowledgeable youngish dude with a full-head of hair and possessing excellent hearing who I would highly recommend to anyone finding themselves, like me, in the growing number of people in the HOHBOB Community (Hard Of Hearing Birder’s Out Birding. The “H” of course not being in anyone’s hearing range is silent, so its pronounced “O Bob”). Although his eyesight isn’t always the greatest even when aided by his top-of-the-line “For Professional Use Only” Binoculars, and you might have to grab his shoulders and point him in the right direction now and then to see even a large bird like say a crane, his hearing would make even the biggest-eared bat swoon and immediately fall over dead with envy. I mean this kid HEARD a Golden Crowned Kinglet whose song is right up there in the same register, if I remember correctly, as the sound that comes out of a dog whistle, in the exact same air that held for me only complete silence. Message me and I’ll send you his contact info if are you interested-but only you have 20-20 vision, otherwise it would be best if you both just stayed home.