April 22, 2021

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When I was walking towards the sunrise this morning I was remembered the very first “Earth Day” when I was 15 in April 1970. Back then the only thing that many of us ever aspired to in life was to learn about (and be completely present in) the Great Out There. While it was not an attitude that gained much respect from the hard-working fathers of that era who wisely suggested one had to learn some skills to be able to make some money to do the mundane things in life like eat and have a roof over one’s head, it didn’t stop us from wandering off anyways into the shrinking patches of what was left of the wilds of America. Many of us followed this rather formidable movement at that time (among many others that made perfect sense and would no doubt have improved a LOT of things) to set out to save the planet. On this beautiful day 51 years later, I can only report that it’s been neither a great success nor a complete failure and, although the prognosis continues to deteriorate given the stubborn willingness human beings possess for generally being illogical and a bit too greedy, Earth Day still enjoys it’s moment and school children get to learn about it. And therein lies our best hope.