April 7, 2021

Untitled photo

Heading into day three of faux summer, pent-up Projects de Bob have started with a complete and ear-shattering shebang: chop saws are chopping, hammers are pounding (with accompanying cussing as innocent thumbs become careless bystanders), belt sanders are sanding, deck screws are, well, screwing, paint brushes are staining, grease guns are greasing (Carolyn was most impressed with my well-lubed forehead), oil filters are spinning, leaf blowers are blowing, splitting mauls are splitting, and the sacred power washers, those goddesses of sap and bird poop removers, are so powerfully and loudly doing (a real machine!) what one could mostly easily do with a hand sponge and a minimum of elbow grease. The weatherman says snow next week. Is it light out yet?