August 1, 2021

Untitled photo

From an evolutionary standpoint there is nothing quite so elegant, or as busy, as a hummingbird. The most accomplished aerodynamic marvels with feathers, they are able to beat their wings 70-80 beats per second while flying forwards, backwards or even upside down for heaven’s sake giving them bragging rights hands down in the whole wide world of birds if they wanted to argue about it although I’ve never known one to slow down long enough do so, not to mention that they can hover in place indefinitely while gently sliding their perfectly formed beaks and elongated tongues into perfectly evolved flowers with similarly long, elegant tubular shapes where the golden elixir, the fuel to run their huge little engines that can beat up to 1200 times per minute, without which they can starve to death in 3 measly hours, where that fountain of youth sits waiting amid the chattering and zooming and hovering and flitting, a whirling dervish of buzzing feathers moving at supersonic speeds-but hold on! Here’s the MOST interesting thing about these amped up high falutin’ flying Karamazovs-when they get tired (which can happen on a dime even though they weigh no more than a nickel), they hang upside down on a favorite branch and sleep, torpor it’s called, where the lights go dim, the engines idle and cool down and they dream of being tortoises and iguanas and sloths for a few glorious restful hours in the dark of night when there is nothing else to do and nowhere else to go anyways.