August 2, 2021

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“Hey Papa?” “Hey What?” “Look at that woodpecker there!” she said pressing her nose hard against the screen. “That’s a red-bellied woodpecker” I said preparing myself for the obvious impending argument. “No Papa I don’t think so- I don’t see any red belly-why do you always tease me?” she said nose still on screen but hands now on hips. “I’m not teasing I promise, the person that named it was making a joke I think” I sighed hopelessly throwing that one out there. “Isn’t that a Pileator with its red head?” “Well no my sweet little ornithologist that’s a great guess though”. She turned to me hands still on her hips and scolded “I’m a little girl! Not that thing you called me!” I was obviously digging a hole I could not get out of but I couldn’t help myself. “It’s called Pi-lee-a-ted. Can you say that?” “Pi-lee-ate her” she responded with a knowing nod. I decided to change the subject and started to go on and on about the difference between a red bellied and a Pileated. Mid-boring, the bird flew away and she walked away ignoring me and my misplaced bedtime story. “See ya later Pileator!” she said dismissively waving one hand over her head like the Queen and went to go play the much more fun tickle game with Nana.