August 29, 2020

Untitled photo

Aptly named, Kingfishers are among some of the most masterful anglers in the bird world. One maneuver is to suddenly plunge like a bungee jumper holding a bag of concrete from a high snag or tree branch directly into the water where the sound of their high speed, perfectly choreographed olympic gold kerplunk makes your head swing around, often pulling some small tendon that was meant to hold your head on straight as you ready yourself to confront some concealed rock thrower. Pulling a page from the hummingbird playbook their other tactic is to deftly hover, a silent whirlybird waiting for some oblivious frog or minnow to zig when it should have zagged. On the way back to their perch, thickset beak filled with some fresh delish delicacy, they rattle away like Flipper after assisting Porter Ricks in another happily ended rescue at sea.