February 10, 2021

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“Hey Papa?” she inquired as we were eating lunch yesterday. “Hey what?” I said always ready to appease an inquiring mind. “How come you have magic powers and I don’t?”. “What’s my magic power?” I asked her. “Well, you are SO strong you can lift the whole planet!” Flattered, I thought about it for a minute “well don’t let this luxurious head of chocolate brown hair fool you, I’m old and it’s taken me a long time to get my magic powers-you don’t get them all at once you know.” She responded immediately “Papa, your hair is not luxurious, and it most certainly is not chocolate brown-its gray!” “Well, we can work on your colors later-I’m just saying that everyone starts out with magic powers and then they grow as they get older.” “Well then what’s mine papa?” I said, “well I think you have the power of LOVE cuz whenever I’m around you that’s all I feel.” Her eyes opened wide and lips formed a little pucker, that look of just learning something brand new and utterly amazing. “Plus, I said, when we play on the bouncy house your hair sticks out all over the place like magic!” This time she rolled her eyes, “Papa, that’s not magic, that’s static electricity!” I’m pretty sure I was in my teens when I understood what static electricity was, not 3 ½, and with one eyebrow raised I was about to ask her how she knew about all that stuff, but I knew it would be over my head, so I simply admitted that she had me there. And then like a grownup talking to a child, she gently admonished, “Let’s just stick to love okay that makes more sense?” “Okay you got it kiddo.”