February 20, 2021

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After the past few frigid weeks, -17F at dawn this morning which was a full 21 degrees warmer than a few mornings ago, felt almost tropical. In the moment, my mind suddenly wandered faraway to sitting on the edge of the dock, feet dangling in the cool river, watching fish adjust their fins in the current, listening to birdsong, the soft trilling of distant frogs, mosquitoes buzzing my ears, deer flies silently landing between my toes, horseflies burrowing in on my forearms, ticks crawling on the back of my neck, the ominous buzz of an angry hornet and then from some recess deep in my cortex BANG! POOF! that daydream thankfully ended. I picked up the frozen hands attached to my nearly numb arms and dragged everyone back up to the house, happy as a clam.