February 5, 2021

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It’s been a while since arctic air, the genuine article, has settled in for an extended visit, causing even the river to close its ranks. We remember whole weeks 40 years ago when daily highs didn’t creep much above -20F, days long gone but not forgotten. There were different sounds and rhythms to living then, trees would pop and crack in the frigid moonlight, propane wouldn’t flow at night when temperatures plunged near -40F, and in following mornings, if you could even open the door to get in, the truck would say the letter R twice before not talking ever again unless it was defibrillated back to life, joyously cancelling any plans for work. Too cold to ski, it was the snowshoeing time and, well, in those years Carolyn had a lot of summer and fall birthdays in her pre-k classes.