January 14, 2021

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“Bob isn’t that a sunrise over there?” she remarked looking up from her coffee. Minus the microphone, amplifier and speaker I now need a roadcrew to install each morning in my clogged canals and decommissioned drums so I can hear like an elephant at a Van Halen concert, I heard “Who are those guys in the chairs?” “I don’t see any guys in chairs-you should put your glasses on” I replied. “What?” she said. “What?” I said. And so It went, back and forth, sadly to say, for more than a few minutes. In the middle of our conversation, remarkably each of us speaking two completely different languages as we are prone to do on occasion being the worldly folks that we are, I looked out the window and to my utter surprise-there it was-the first sunrise in what seemed like weeks. I thought to myself “WHAT?” And out I ran.