January 21, 2021

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As a child, one of my favorite games with my grandma was what I called “Little Stinker.” I would run circles around her, teasing her to chase me. She would finally take up the chase, laughing with that light she had in her eyes, saying “I’m gonna get you you little stinker!.” This morning it was completely gray out as I was sipping coffee. All of the sudden I saw a glimpse of color across the lake to the east. Jumping into my layers of “sunrise” clothes that faithfully hang on hooks next to the door for such an emergency, I went running out the door down to the river. I could see the colors intensifying as I was running full throttle to get down there. I slid down the riverbank onto my knees just in time to watch the colors fade and disappear. From first hint of color back to gray could not have lasted more than three minutes. “You little stinker” I thought to myself, smiling, as I walked back to the house.