January 23, 2021

Untitled photo

Cold winter evenings are so full of inspiration. Maybe it’s because one’s body feels so alive when it’s in constant motion trying to move more blood to numbing toes and fingers or shivering and pacing trying to shield exposed skin against the sub-zero, arctic winds. As hands and feet disappear off the radar screen and time slows to a frozen crawl, and your brain is urging you to abandon this ship and hoof it back to the warm fire at home, the sun can take what seems like hours to sink those last few meters beneath the horizon. Being mentally stimulated, feeling something, when your entire body is numb-now that’s where the REAL inspiration can be found. Last night, when this cloud bank floated in at jet stream speed, the world felt incredibly immense and connected. If my wings hadn’t been frozen to my thighs, I would have taken flight to check it out.