July 18, 2021

Untitled photo

On such a peaceful morning, when the sun rises newborn pink in the haze, it’s hard to imagine anything disturbing the transcendent tranquility of the lake where every being has a front row seat to ponder, wonder, wander and have fun dere. Although most likely Wake Boat Man will come out again today (it being the weekend and him driving up here teeth clenched in his monster truck every Friday like clockwork towing every motorized toy ever ridden in a Mad Max movie) and make his interminable endless circles, his bad music blasting on his stereo fading and then re-emerging louder with each obnoxious circle, his oversized waves eating up shoreline and sending baby ducklings ass over tea-kettle in the constantly cresting white caps, dragging children who I imagine long ago fell asleep after non-stop hours in their tubes frying to little crisps in the hot summer sun as Wake Boat Man stands proud at the helm, Ahab on his white beast, not once looking back to see if any little ones are even still in tow back there. But that’s not for hours yet. I could go over at this early hour and lay on my horn to see if he is yet awake, after another night of booming fireworks till the wee hours, for he is surely missing the best time on this beautiful quiet piece of water so many of us call home. Now that would be the neighborly thing to do.