July 31, 2021

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The clock starts ticking for every living thing in the North on the last day of July-the dance of hornets and hummers gorging at the feeders, the last gulps of chlorophyll savored by maple trees showing off a red leaf here and there contemplating their autumnal wardrobe, the frogs putting in one last word or two on subjects they have debated back and forth across the marsh since early spring, the birds laying out their tiny suitcases for destinations far and sunny warm locations wide, and we humans scurrying about in boats with motors and boats with paddles and on beaches of sand and on decks without bugs and on docks with ripening tomatoes-there’s a renewed rush to everyone’s purpose as the sun goes down earlier and starts to rise later and the shadows get cooler and the nights get longer and the days of mid-summer daydreams starts the long fade into our hazy memories.