June 14, 2021

Untitled photo

Dejected from the bear raid the night before, I reluctantly took the wheelbarrow around the yard and collected the bird feeders last night before sunset. While most birds were good natured and polite at the unexpected early closing, pleasantly singing as is their nature, we of course had some angry customers to contend with. The gray squirrels in particular, always a raucous bunch, were hurling obscenities my way, rudely giving me the claw and flicking me off with their tails. I’m happy to report everyone was patiently waiting to see me at daybreak today as I rolled the wheelbarrow back out from the safety of the garage including the squirrels who were now of course pretending to be on their very best behaviors being all cute and furry and everything. This downy woodpecker sat on the tree next to my ladder and kept a critical eye on me until I hung the suet to his liking after which there was a general wing- flapping, resounding applause as I disappeared with the wheelbarrow around the other side of the house which, despite hearing a few snarky squirrel comments (they think I can’t hear), I have to admit was a good way to start a new week.