June 22, 2021

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Today couldn’t have started out with more promise. First, I was able to set my alarm a whole minute later as the train to the shortest day of the year finally pulled out of the Early Station this morning, albeit at a pace that would aggravate even the most patient of snails. Actually, that’s not true-I can’t remember the last time I set an alarm for anything. But if I did, that would have been a thing to celebrate-especially for my often-awakened-early wife. Second, it was cold so even the mosquitoes were stiff and huddled around lightning bug fires in their pitiful encampments alongside my morning trail, strung out and miserable for being unable to get their morning buzz on. Lastly, there was an impressive cloud deck, the kind that would have lent itself to a textured-book sunrise, the kind that makes even the bullfrogs sing like Gomer Pyle. But no. It was dark and rainy and moody out there. The kind of day where you can get stuff done, get caught up. Which made for a beautiful morning don’t ya think?