June 30, 2021

Untitled photo

The quiet, soothing mystery of morning fog over the marsh always makes me curious about what’s going in that low hanging, puffy cloud over there. I imagine some fairy-tale world of dewy Swamp Things doing morning yoga while playing harps and lutes and other stringed instruments. But when I make the long walk over to the exact place in the distance to investigate, I discover it has disappeared and moved to where I was standing in the first place. Confused, I walk back only to find it’s once again switched places. If I have had my morning coffee, this can go on for quite some time and it can become exhausting. Seeing the silliness in this game of Fog Tag (and knowing there are many more important things to tend to today) my friend The Sun thankfully comes over the trees and extinguishes the fog until tomorrow morning, leaving only the sound of giggling Swamp Things as I walk back to the house.