June 5, 2021

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“Hey Papa!” “hey what?” “Are we going to do our thing today just you and me?” she skittered like a chipmunk to me. “Whats our thing?” I asked hoping to figure out the few minutes when I could squeeze in getting a few of my projects closer to completion today. “Well YOU know Papa! We start out swinging on the airplane in the basement, then we pound on the window to chase those squirrels away, then we fill the bird feeders, then we go water the tomatoes, then we go fishing in the honey-hole with those huge worms we bought, then we eat lunch on the boat-we can have Nana come out into the lake and meet us with a BIG lunch, then we go for a bike ride, then we go out in the pontoon and use that disk-thingy to wash the water” (I correct her here-“it’s a secchi disk to measure the water clarity of the lake”) “whatever..” she continues..”then I dangle my feet in the lake while you go for a swim!” She finally finishes catching her breath. Realizing my little projects will have to wait until dark if I can stay awake by then, I say “yep we can do ALL those things today it will be a great day won’t it?” She pauses and thinks about it. “What will we do after lunch then?”