June 7, 2021

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“Hey Papa!” “Hey what?” “Did you find your sunglasses yet?” “No-I haven’t found my sunglasses yet.” “Did you go diving by the dock in case they fell in there?” “Yes I went diving by the dock.” “Well did you see them there?” “No I didn’t see them there.” “Wasn’t the water ice cold?!” “Yes the water was very cold.” “Did you go out to the barn and look in there?” “yep”. “Well were they in there Papa?” “Nope.” “Did you look in your truck?” “Yes I looked in there and NO they weren’t in there either.” “Well papa where were they the last time you saw them?” she asks in her relentlessly helpful way. “They were on my face the last time I remember seeing them.” She studies my face, “well I don’t see them there now!” And then like she was the mature adult talking to the frustrated 4-year-old she gently nods and delivers the lesson for the day “That’s ok Papa, Nana says they are probably right where you left them.” Schooled.