March 1, 2021

Untitled photo

How does one describe such a day as yesterday? I was blissfully skiing in the blizzard that dumped 9” in a little less than 5 perfectly choreographed hours yesterday-the growing snowbanks on my eyebrows and frozen eyelashes making it nearly impossible to see my skis, which didn’t matter anyways, as they were gliding invisibly under the new snow, choking on the thick fluff as I laughed out loud, arriving soaking wet like a new born seal at my truck buried under the snow in the parking lot making it look like it had been parked there all winter. Next, it was two hours of pure joy blowing snow listening to a Grateful Dead show from the incredible run of May of ’77 sitting in a t-shirt in the tropical warmth and quiet inside Johnny Deere’s womb-like cab. And, finally, came the last exclamation point of a remarkable post-drenching sunset over the marsh. Is it possible for a day to be more perfect?