March 14, 2021

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The lake looked different at first light this morning, more dark than white, something big was going on. When I stepped outside, I heard the sound of rolling thunder in the distance. You know that sound- the constant rumbling of a big storm approaching, the occasional louder boom punctuating the din of the ceaseless, uninterrupted rumbling as it gets closer. Down on the shoreline, I realized I was hearing the seismic rumble of the entire ice pack on the lake breaking up. It was loudly re-locating, cracking and shifting as this morning’s wind pushed hard against it, causing a lake quake measuring a magnitude 9.0 on the Bob scale. I’ve not heard the lake have this much to say in quite some time. I’ve always been told we have two ears and only one mouth because we are supposed to listen twice as much as we speak. So I settled myself in on a patch of ground, waited for the sun to rise, and listened.