March 4, 2021

Untitled photo

“Hey Papa?” “Hey what?” “Where were you I was looking out every window but I couldn’t see you. I even had Nana try and call your phone but it rang inside! You need to leave us a note when you go somewhere!” Busted. “Sorry, I thought Nana knew I went out every morning to take pictures of the sunrise”, I said looking with a quizzical look at Carolyn. “Well, next time you let ME know ok?” “Oh ok-I’m sorry,” I said as I was taking my boots and clothes off in the doorway. “WAIT A SECOND! You wear your pajama’s under your outside clothes?” “Yep, it saves time, I’m too lazy in the morning to change ALL my clothes.” Long pause. Hand on chin. Eye roll. “Well that just seems silly!” It’s early but I can already tell I’m going to have to try harder today!