March 7, 2021

Untitled photo

“Hey papa!” “hey what?” “You sure are a messy eater”, she says dribbling crumbs from another mouse-sized bite of her graham cracker. We are sitting at the kitchen counter eating a snack, the floor under our feet is covered in crumbs. “Yep well, sometimes eating is a messy business-we’re both pretty messy eaters I think.” I say motioning to the floor with my eyes. She gives me one of those partners-in-crime grins. More chewing. More crumbs fall to the floor. Now we’re both “accidentally” dropping crumbs at our feet, discovering what could be an excellent new game. All of the sudden Nana walks in “hey I just vacuumed in here you two!” Eyes wide open, we both pretend we have no idea who made that mess. The sunrise this morning is just like Nana-patient, calm, serene, beautiful. (I hope she reads this-this little doghouse is quite cold this morning).