May 31, 2021

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“Hey Papa!” “Hey what?” “What is THAT huge thing?” “It’s a pileated woodpecker isn’t it cool?” “Holy moly! I’d say! That’s a real hoe-lee moe-lee.” I smiled-loving it when a new saying makes its first appearance. “Doesn’t it look like a dinosaur? Did you know birds come from dinosaurs?” I casually threw that nugget out there, instantly wishing I had kept my grandpa wisdom to myself. Silence. Her eyebrows furrowed as she pondered this one. I was preparing myself for the follow-up questions, which most likely were going to require me to remember my ornithology notes about the evolution of birds from 1975. Wasn’t it meat-eating therapods they evolved from? Would she forever now think “assassin!” every time she saw a goldfinch or a robin? Years from now would she tell a therapist about the day her grandfather told her birds were nothing more than savage carnivores? More silence. “Can we go fishing now?” “YES! Absolutely girl-lets go fishing!” I exclaimed thanking my lucky stars that we had managed to avoid at least one “life can be ugly” discussion. “Can you bring the pliers in case they swallow the hook again and you have to yank it out of there?”