May 5, 2021

Untitled photo

“Hey Papa?” “Hey what?” “Look how bunny is stealing all the carrots!” I wasn’t paying complete attention, out of breath from hauling the two of them over hill and dale in the bike trailer to the special spot for our picnic lunch and anyways Bunny is always doing this and doing that and it’s hard for anyone to keep current on all of Bunny’s antics. “You know you got Papa tired out” I said still breathless from the last climb “for a pipsqueak you sure do weigh a lot these days!” Frowning, she says once again “it’s not me, look at Bunny Papa, he’s the one eating all the carrots!” So I finally looked over at the bench and to my complete surprise there he was just as she was trying to tell me: arm in the carrot bag, stuffing his stuffing like there was no tomorrow. “I was trying to tell you Papa!” she lamented, “sometimes you don’t listen very well!” I thought about that lesson as I was grinding away up the big hill searching for a lower gear than my trusty steed had available, as Bunny and her with bellies full instantly fell fast asleep in the trailer, 50lbs. of slumbering weight swaying dreamily back and forth.