November 6, 2020

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Here in the real world, the sun still rises through clouds that make the rain that fills the lake, that freezes so hard you can drive a truck on top when the temperatures drop. In this world we humans have invented many sayings for describing things we see, often using the indisputable reality of nature as a guide. Of these my most favorite saying is “Fair and Square.” Originating in the 1600’s, this rhyming phrase was used to combat claims of cheating and dispute and to indicate proceedings were honest and all rules were adhered to. Interestingly, the people at the time, whose lives were much harder, shorter and less informed than ours what with the lack of gas furnaces, medicine, and the internet, even these good souls who certainly lived in a far less fair world did not choose “High Fangled Triangle”, or “Snap and Void Trapezoid,” or even “Scare and Yell and Scam Parallelogram.” They settled on Fair and Square, a simple phrase that makes perfect, simple sense. The real world still floats my boat.