October 15, 2020

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One morning earlier this fall while mindlessly running my chainsaw in their woods, I apparently riled up a ground nest of hornets. They came out of nowhere and with surgical precision each riled up individual quickly made their own unique point with me. While I didn't understand immediately what they were trying to tell me, and I could hear myself trying to ask out loud "What? What the?" -they were so persuasive I had to immediately concede that whatever their position was on this particular subject that they had to be absolutely, positively right. It was the shortest argument I have been involved in in years. Needless to say, it left my fast-twitch bee-retreat muscles set at defcon 1 for any future encounters. So even though I know that this giant nest I found the other day is abandoned by this time of the year due to the cold, I had my hearing aids cranked up to max scanning for The Buzz and it still took me 20 minutes of walk/stopping and stomping one hoof like a deer on high alert to even get this close. Beautifully crafted from some elixir of saliva mixed with wood pulp, by the end of September this giant nest may have had a community of some 700 not to be messed with workers in there.