September 5, 2020

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And just like that, seemingly only moments after bursting forth from the disrobed, shivering branches of winter last, the preparations to close the manufacturing plant for another begins. Shorter days and cooler weather slows the high chlorophyll production of leaves in summer, which absorbs red and blue light making the leaves look green. As the main plant workers go on strike for another season, other pigments in the leaf (that are always there but are rudely relegated to the break room where they happily laze around overdressing their oranges, yakking up their yellows, rehabilitating their reds, and preening their rare purples most of the summer) now emerge, nonchalantly at first, but soon enough pouring out fast en masse onto the showroom floor. Once its is officially confirmed that the boss is truly gone on extended vacation, the annual Mardi Gras begins and for the next month they will party till the dogs come home.